“SHE AND IT” (Collaboration with Sandra Dukic)/ Selective works 2008th

Video : / TRIP TO NEW YORK / Project ” SHE and IT ” / 2008th

At first glance, works are attractive and visually appealing, but I deal with certain issues in society, such as non-acceptance of the “different” in a very substantive way. The issues like what is desirable and socially acceptable, and what is not accepted or seen as deviant. Do different identities threaten, or are they under threat?

The title of the project “SHE AND IT” refers to a joint work, which represents the underlying concept, i.e. the central piece of the whole project, and which speaks most accurately about the metaphor of the burden artist have to bear, about the feeling of isolation, the wish and inability to leave for some place else.

It is about an ambivalent feeling, where the wish to leave becomes one with the desire to fulfill oneself and be happy at one’s whereabouts.

This work is located at what was previously the site of a railway platform, now a place where artists can freely express their stances, so the platform has turned into a symbolic exit from the situation the artists are in. The loudspeaker announces the departure of non- existent trains for the world metropolises such as Berlin, New York, London.  After a few months we made a video “Trip to NYC” based on the same concept.

Performance ” SHE AND IT” / 2008th

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