/ Ode to Revolutionaries and Myself / ALL IN A DAY’S WORK / NYC – Brooklyn / 2012th

The human figure has been a crucial element in the drawings and paintings . The multiple series of connect the dots by numbers have taken different forms through the years, often having autobiographical references .

In this newest wall drawings, I try to moves away from the formal elements of a cartoon and opts to bring into play the language of social realism. One wall is dedicated to stoic male figures often in vigorous bodily postures.

The depictions are inspired by monuments which were erected in post World War II Yugoslavia, referencing a period in history in which the worker was a symbol of progress and hard physical labor was the only salvation and answer to a brighter future. With the decline of workers’ unions at the beginning of the 21st century and the outsourcing of our work to the east (China & India),  brings into question the place of the physical employee in our society.

The second wall drawing has a more personal and autobiographical tone, exploring the notions of belonging and how one defines the place that we call home.


One response to “/ Ode to Revolutionaries and Myself / ALL IN A DAY’S WORK / NYC – Brooklyn / 2012th”

  1. bravo bole!

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